asiaartactivism_logo_full_design_cmykAsia-Art-Activism (AAA) is a cross-disciplinary and intergenerational network of artists, curators and academics investigating ‘Asia’, ‘art’ and ‘activism’ in the UK through research, dialogue, practice and collective work. It seeks to open up a conversation around ‘Asia’ as a contested paradigm, including its diasporas, migrant and resident communities, to attend to lesser known narratives of Asian artists and activists in the UK, especially that of Southeast Asian communities.

AAA aims to question Asian/Southeast Asian invisibility within institutional narratives of British art and politics and to gain a greater understanding of alliances built with other artistic and civic movements including the Black Arts Movement. Underpinning this work is the belief that an intersectional approach resists the essentialist cultural identity politics, and pays attention to the sensitivities of class, gender, sex, age and so on, and brings together different perspectives and methodologies, to attentively address this important but under-researched field to develop future exhibitions, programmes and publications.