SEA Currents and Asia-Art-Activism are proud to present this special screening of “Umbrella Diaries: The First Umbrella.” The film charts the origins of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement through the eyes of the activists and ordinary people who made it happen. From the June 4th Candlelit Vigil until September 28th, when tens of thousands of protestors occupied the streets outside Government Headquarters, this documentary puts us at the heart of the action, allowing viewers to experience the highs and lows of that remarkable summer, when Hong Kong witnessed a “blossoming of democracy”.

Tickets here: Please note there are no set ticket prices for this but we are suggesting a recommended donation. All intake goes to the independent filmmakers for their post-production costs.

香港人,加油!lo res

The Umbrella Tree lo

Director’s Bio

James Leong’s documentaries have screened at festivals such as Hotdocs, IDFA and Yamagata. Passabe(2004), about truth and reconciliation in East Timor, received a grant from the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund. Homeless FC(2006) won the top prize at the Chinese Documentary Festival in Hong Kong. Wukan (2015) was awarded Best Feature at the Freedom Film Festival and the Chinese Documentary Festival, and received a special mention at the Dubai International Film Festival. Umbrella Diaries: The First Umbrella has been nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the 55thGolden Horse Awards.



Feature Documentaries:
Aki Ra’s Boys(2005)
Homeless FC(2006)
The Great North Korean Picture Show (2012)
Umbrella Diaries: The First Umbrella (2018)



香港,2014年  。數以萬計的香港人為了爭取民主,佔領了香港的中樞,這行動名為「雨傘運動」。




梁思眾(James Leong)曾聯合導演過五部獨立紀錄長片,獲多個影展選映,包括加拿大的Hotdocs、荷蘭的IDFA及日本山形等電影節。他的首部長片《Passabe》記錄了東帝汶的真相與和解,獲「Sundance Institute 紀錄片基金」支持。2006年的第二部紀錄長片《曙光球隊》(Homeless FC)及2013年的《烏坎》(Wukan: The Flame of Democracy),均在香港的華語紀錄片電影節中奪得最佳紀錄長片大獎。


李成琳(LynnLee),獨立紀錄片監製及導演,作品有《Aki Ra’s Boys》(2007)、《The Great North Korean Picture Show》(2012)、《烏坎》(Wukan: The Flame of Democracy, 2013, 獲香港華語紀錄片電影節最佳紀錄長片),均與梁思眾合導。