Ada Xiaoyu Hao is a performance artist, currently doing practice-based PhD research titled

Et all: Performativity, Intersectionality and Subjectivity in Performance Art Practice, at the University of Brighton. Inspired by Fernando Pessoa’s dilated illusion in his search for the liberated-self, Ada questions how the performativity of more than one identity intersects with the subjectivity of the self, the ‘others within’ (Kristeva,1994), and three ‘reproductive others’ (Hayles, 1999), in both digital and virtual ground. Ada’s art practice and research focus on identity and the speculative selves, desire and the abject, bodies as nomadic subjects, and the search for contemporary heterotopia(Foucault, 1967), all of which are negotiated with live performance, speculative fiction, moving image, the poetics, and soundscape creation. Is it possible to speculate and create certain institutional discursive spaces or such spaces like Heterotopias or counter-sites: real places that exist in every culture, in contrast to enacted utopia, with a direct to inverted analogy of the real space of the society?

Ada’s body is the material and archive, a nomad with its own autonomy and subjectivity. Ada’s interdisciplinary practice and research encompass curatorial modes of practice, performance, sound, writing, body movement, contact improvisation, and alternative photographic processes, with echoes of seminal performances of the late 60s and 80s. Ada also explores these strategies to signify cultural resistance, social ignorance and pedagogy of obedience from/towards narratives and communities of cultural and political dominance within Asian Diaspora. Simulating fantasy scenarios from subcultural/social references, Ada’s work often uses humour, heteronymity, and metaphor to transfer the imagination and illusion for the possibility of alternative reality.

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