Sung Tieu will give a presentation about her most recent exhibition entitled “Loveless” at Piper Keys, Raven Row and the themes that have informed the work. Within her research, she has investigated the historical displacement of Vietnamese migrants in Europe and its relationship to colonial trade routes and economic agreements on a governmental level. More recently, she has been exploring the deployment of sound as a psychological warfare tool. Her installation “Loveless” investigates notions of dislocation in relation to global capitalism. She will predominantly discuss the psychology of sound and how “sound is always already a resounding that folds into itself”(Jean-Luc Nancy, Listening, 2007), looking into how the subject produces and archives sound within the self.


3 Sung Tieu
Sung Tieu, Loveless, 2019 (Installation view at Piper Keys, London)
Photo: Mark Blower


Sung Tieu is a London and Berlin-based visual artist whose work takes place at the intersection of transnational movement, global capitalism and the cultural incursions of dematerialised art traditions. Tieu’s own emigration from Vietnam to Germany is central to her work, impelling her to address Post-Cold War histories and the diasporic experience of unfixed temporal and spatial certainties. Through performance, installation, moving image and sound, she conveys a sense of dislocation, often deliberately eluding narrative legibility. Recent and forthcoming projects this years include State of Motion, Asian Film Archive, Singapore, Loveless, Piper Keys, London, Parrhesiades, curated by Lynton Talbot, Flat Time House, London, Fragile, curated by Maurin Dietrich, Berlin, and “Images of a Nation”, a symposium as part of the forthcoming Don McCullin retrospective at Tate Britain. For further information:

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